NBN Seven Samurais

NBN Seven Samurais


In an effort to help their employees find a streamlined way to collaborate and communicate with each other, NBN introduce the Facebook tool for the workplace, known as Workplace. NBN was the first organisation in Australia to introduce the platform at work. As a change tool for introducing the platform to their employees, they needed a set of characters that could represent the various features and benefits of the new platform. The idea was to use samurais as the theme.


Based on our research on samurai characters, we developed a set of seven characters to represent themes such as 'less is better', 'connectedness', 'keep it short', 'synergies' and much more. The characters needed to look engaging and interesting, but shouldn't look too cutesy - so we developed a distinctive set of characters that had no facial features. We also developed a short introduction animation and a series of digital guides that team members could use to introduce the tool to their colleagues.


The launch of the program was a success, and NBN became one of the first organisations in Australia to successfully launch Facebook @Workplace in the workplace.