Direct Connect

Direct Connect



Direct Connect was preparing to launch a new internal agent dashboard site to improve communication and access to resources for its real estate agents.

They needed an engaging video to showcase the new dashboard and get agents excited about using it.


We worked closely with the Direct Connect team to understand the key features and benefits of the new dashboard. We then developed a 90-second animated video that walked through the dashboard interface. The video used screen captures, text overlays, and branding elements to highlight:

  • Simplified navigation and one-click access to resources
  • Personalized feed with targeted company announcements
  • Document sharing and collaboration tools
  • Access to support and training materials

To make the video engaging, we included animated transitions between screens along with upbeat background music. The final video clearly communicated the advantages of the new system in a fun and memorable way.


Our animated dashboard video quickly and effectively demonstrated the key features and utility of the new system. Direct Connect was very pleased with the final deliverable and said the video greatly aided their internal promotion of the dashboard.

By getting agents excited ahead of the launch, the video helped drive adoption and usage of the site. This type of informative and energetic explainer video can be an impactful way to introduce new products and systems to internal teams.