Bupa Villages Aged Care

Bupa Villages Aged Care


Bupa Villages Aged Care (BVAC) needed an engaging video to welcome new employees and provide an informative overview of the organization and care homes. The goal was to get new staff excited about joining while sharing key information on their mission, values, and impact.


We produced a lively 2-minute animated video that welcomed new staff in a fun and vibrant tone. Using customized characters, witty humor, and simple animations, the video gave an overview of BVAC's history, purpose, and values. It highlighted key statistics and details new hires should know like number of homes, residents cared for, services offered, awards, etc. The animation style was colorful, playful, and upbeat - designed to make new staff feel excited to start their role.



  • Over 90% of new BVAC employees watched the video as part of their onboarding - every week during their induction sessions.
  • The video received positive feedback, with new staff indicating it helped them feel welcomed, engaged, and better informed about the organization.
  • BVAC plans to continue using the video as part of ongoing recruiting and onboarding programs. The video helped establish company culture and set expectations.