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Ivanhoe Grammar


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Our client Ivanhoe Grammar wanted to share their vision for the future of education through an engaging animated video. Their Director of Technology, Steve Brophy, had written a narrative envisioning how education would evolve in coming years. We collaborated to adapt his story into a script for a 5-minute animation showcasing new technologies and teaching methods.


Steve approached us to help bring his visionary story to life in video format. We worked closely with him to adapt his original narrative into an animated video script. This involved modifying the story structure and dialogue to maximize engagement and clarity as a video. We also provided feedback to align the script with the intended messaging and tone for the target audience of parents, students, and educators.


The result of the collaboration was an impactful 5-minute animated film titled "Dare to Dream." The video brings to life a futuristic school environment with innovations like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and personalized learning. The animation clearly communicates Ivanhoe Grammar's forward-thinking role in shaping the future of education. Since its release, the video has helped Ivanhoe Grammar demonstrate their technological capabilities and progressive approach to students, parents, and the education community.