KPMG Management Consulting Infographic

KPMG Management Consulting Infographic


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KPMG wanted us to help them create a visual to illustrate the various ways in which their people across the Management Consulting group could potentially communicate and collaborate together using official communication channels. What were the options? What were the benefits and features?


We were able to research the various channels and platforms that were being used by the group and worked on illustrating each one to fit together in one cohesive infographic. The infographic could then be used in presentations, intranet pages, office posters etc.

We collaborated closely with the internal communications manager for the Management Consulting group to better understand their modes of communication, and presented them with the infographic in a Isometric style. 


The infographic was well received by the team members - especially because prior to this, many different types of tools and platforms were being introduced - so much so that there was confusion on which channel or platform to use, and when. With everything being captured and presented in one visual, it was easy to establish which ways were the best for which purpose.